About Me


My background

I'm an American author, lyricist, playwright and filmmaker. I was born and raised in Dayton, Ohio, and now have resided in San Francisco, California, for over twenty years. My book, Imbalance, was published in 2014. Previously, some of my short stories were published in an anthology with other authors' work. I also have two songs produced that I wrote the lyrics to, and a short film, Imbalance, I wrote, directed, filmed, edited and starred in as the lead actor. I'm also a former radio talk show host.


My writing roots

I credit my writing career to my fifth-grade teacher, Ms. Proctor. After I won a poetry contest, she encouraged me to keep a journal and write everyday, which I have done to this day.


My style

I tend to write fiction with lots of drama. I always go for the worst case scenario. Currently, though, I'm working on a non-fiction self-help book to help others find balance in their lives.


Contact Me

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